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Revolution Contraceptives’ social mission is to empower men worldwide to better control their reproduction with a reliable, safe, cost-effective, and reversible contraceptive.

Why male contraception?

Men currently have little choice when it comes to contraception. Vasectomy is considered permanent and condoms have a high failure rate with typical use.

Couples are demanding more. Research shows that about half of men surveyed would be willing to use a new male contraceptive. And if it’s reversible? Non-hormonal? No need for daily application? Even better!

What is Vasalgel?

Vasalgel is an innovative male contraceptive currently under development. It is a polymer material that is injected into each vas deferens (the duct that transports sperm), where it sets up as a gel to block the flow of sperm. The goal is to provide a long-acting male contraceptive that can be delivered and reversed with simple in-office procedures.

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Company Leadership

  • I would like the opportunity to be more intimate with my partner and condoms bar that, beyond the conventional 'doesn't feel as good' argument. However, I am extremely concerned about the failure rates of the Pill due to human error and would like to take some responsibility for my future finances into my own hands without being abstinent.

    New college graduate, age 22 Florida, USA
  • I want control of my fertility that is safe, convenient to use and totally effective. That way I can be in control of my life rather than putting it in the hands of women and government agencies.

    S. Gee South Korea
  • I am a woman and as a migraine sufferer, my contraceptive choices are limited to IUDs or progestin-only pills. Since I experience unwanted side effects with these, we rely on condoms. A longer-term "no-worry" solution would be much preferred. It would be worth the cost as opposed to an unwanted pregnancy!

    - Sara D., married, no kids Ohio, USA
  • Having control over when I have children is the foremost thing in my life. I place great value on having freedom of choice and freedom from worry. Also, being a person with not much money living in a third world country, a cheap contraceptive is imperative…

    Anonymous South Africa
  • As a male I would not take any contraceptive that altered my hormonal balance. And the idea of getting a MONTHLY injection - are you crazy??? (This is probably why surveys come back saying there's limited interest in male contraceptives - given that sort of choice, I'm not interested either!). However, a long-acting injection that does not mess with the hormonal balance... what's not to like? Sign me up, NOW please!

    Terry S. Australia

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