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Douglas GrantBusiness Development Advisor, Revolution Contraceptives

    Doug Grant has spent 25 years in senior roles commercializing innovative products, and has earned a reputation for expertise in coalescing finance, legal, marketing, and sales initiatives toward successful business strategies. Mr. Grant’s extensive industry knowledge supports effective market identification, market trend evaluation, and competitive intelligence research while protecting market position. He has a proven track record accelerating adoption and revenue in undeveloped market segments in urology and women’s health. His domain experience is focused in health systems in commercial and low-resource settings, including payers, reimbursement, and foundations and associations that steer healthcare providers and administrators. Mr. Grant has been responsible for managing strategic accounts, building sales teams, assessing new business development, evaluating acquisition opportunities, and developing robust pipelines. He has worked in a number of clinical areas including impotence, incontinence, benign prostate hyperplasia, contraception, and cervical cancer.

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